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Who We Are

First State is a company that partners with retailers and provides affordable monthly payment options on furniture, appliances, electronics and more. We’ve been a leader in the consumer lease-purchase business since 1985. With First State’s “We Say YES!” program, we help consumers get the merchandise they want with affordable payment options through their local retail stores. All customer information and consumer lease-purchase agreements are confidential, secure, and protected by federal and state laws.

What We Offer

First State’s “We Say YES!” program has helped thousands of consumers. The “We Say YES!” program offers flexible and affordable payment terms with fast and easy approval. Once the customer is approved online, by phone, in our office, or at an approved retail partner, they are able to go shopping and get the merchandise they need for their home. To find out more about First State’s “We Say YES!” program and how it can help you, fill out an online application, a retail partner request, or contact one of our representatives. Whether you’re a consumer or potential retail partner, you’ll find doing business with First State is a rewarding experience.

Apply With First State to Get Started

Take the first steps to purchasing the furniture, appliances, computers, and electronics you need by reaching out to First State. We’re here to make the process simple and affordable for you. "We say YES!""